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unusual and rare plants

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Welcome to the collection!

I specialise in the collecting, cultivation and selling of rare and unusual plants from all over the world!


My collection currently consists mainly of Monstera, Philodendron, Syngonium, Epipremnum, Rhaphidophora and Sindapsus.

The majority of my mother plants are purchased from private collectors in the UK and cultivated in my mini nursery until mature enough to take cuttings from. These cuttings are then rooted over a number of months until established enough to be potted up and sold. 


I am always expanding my collection as I look for new and exciting plants to add. Plus I just can't stop buying more plants!

The earth's protection at our core

Sourcing & Sustainability

All of my rare plants are sourced from responsible growers within the UK to reduce carbon emissions from shipping plants from overseas. 

As I cultivate my rare plant collection, I work towards being as sustainably self efficient as possible.


This means that currently over 70% of rare plants for sale have been propagated and grown by hand by me!

Plastic Free Packaging

All of my packing in every order is proudly 100% biodegradable!

By 2018, 500 million plant pots were estimated by to be in circulation in the UK alone including large numbers of black pots that cannot be recycled. 


All of my rare plants are shipped bare-rooted without plastic plant pots to encourage old pots to be reused and to prevent more from unnecessarily entering circulation. 


I actively keep the carbon footprint of each order to a minimum by despatching all parcels to my nearest parcel box via bicycle.

I send all of my rare plants with Royal Mail as they are the most carbon conscious and eco-friendly delivery company in the UK.

Most of my parcels are small enough to be delivered on foot by your local postman which further helps to reduce carbon emissions. 

Rated 5* on Kudobuzz 

Rhaphidophora pertusa

Nat - Etsy

Arrived in a day once dispatched, well and securely packaged. Cutting was in a perfect condition - super happy with it and I cannot wait to see it grows. Great service from the Seller and I will definitely be back in the near future. Thank you! 😊

monstera siltepecana

Beautifully packed, travelled well and as shown. Great instructions and information on good keeping 👍 love this plant 💚🪴

aroid soil mix review.webp

I needed some specialist soil mix for my new Syngonium Albo. The quality of the mix is superb. Delivery was fast and the packaging was very secure. I now have one very happy plant! I highly recommend buying from this seller as you will receive excellent service and high quality aroid soil mix.

lucy - Etsy

Maggie - Etsy

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